My Blog (CYBR650, Week 1)

The purpose of this blog is to write about information security or cybersecurity issues that small to medium sized organizations face.  Often the cybersecurity issues written about in the media pertain to large data breaches and other widespread cybersecurity issues.  Small to medium sized organizations often don’t feel like these issues pertain to them and sometimes think that bad actors and cyber criminals are uninterested in them.

The organizations often do not employ full-time IT staff and likely do not have a cybersecurity professional on staff or even in a consultative role.

I provide managed IT services to small to medium sized organizations.  I serve as the part time CIO to smaller organizations and am also a technical account manager and project manager.  Most of these small to midsized organizations outsource some or all of their IT functions to companies like mine.  Some organizations may employ an IT generalist or have someone who can handle many daily IT issues, but we are able to provide the specialized, experienced professionals as needed for projects or difficult issues while remotely monitoring our client’s networks, servers, and other systems.

This blog is not limited to discussions about small to medium sized organizations however.  I may write about any current cybersecurity or IT topic that I find interesting or relevant.